International Certifications & Designations

Why Certification is Important?

  1. Certification helps professionals improve their job skills.
  2. Certification can provide the basis for a continuing program of professional    development.
  3. Certification can contribute to increased departmental performance.
  4. Certification can increase the credibility of the department.
  5. The time, money, and effort spent on a program of professional certification is a good use of the organization’s resources.
  6. A certification program can be developed in an organization that has limited resources.

The Association of Certified Public Accountants Int’l (CPA-London),


Founded 1979, was incorporated in London in 1984 and is a leading international accountancy body. Prior to the incorporation of the Association no professional accountancy body existed for the specific purpose of providing an international organisation for accountants.

THE ACPA INT’L Is a professional accountancy body founded for the purpose of developing a professional and educational Association, which will enable accountants worldwide to attain technical and ethical standards of the highest international order.

The Association’s objects among other things include:

  • the advancement of the science of accountancy, financial management and other subject related to the public accounting profession
  • the promotion of the highest standards of competence, practice and conduct by its members
  • the protection and preservation of its members’ professional independence and the exercise of professional supervision over them
  • to subscribe and promote international accounting standards

THE ACPA INT’L Certifications:

Certified Public Accountant INT’L, CPA- UK



professional-purchasingAmerican Purchasing Society

The American Purchasing Society was founded in 1969 and has members from every state and 28 countries worldwide. APS was the first organization to establish a certification program for professional buyers and purchasing managers and our Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) program is unique because we not only measure the competence of the applicants through a written examination, but we conduct reference checks to evaluate the applicant’s business reputation.

APS Certifications:

Certified Purchasing Professional, CPP


Certified Professional Purchasing Manager, CPPM


 Institute of Financial Consultants


The Institute of Financial Consultants (IFC) is an international professional organization with a worldwide membership. IFC is chartered in Canada and the USA. Certified Financial Consultant � mark is registered with US Government Patent & Trade Mark Office, USA, and with the National Certification Commission, USA.

IFC Certifications: –

Certified Financial Manager, CFM

Certified Financial Consultant, CFC

Certified Financial Administrator, CFA

Chartered Association of Business Administrators


Chartered Association of Business Administrators is a not-for-profit professional body chartered federally under Letters Patent granted by the Government of Canada. Chartered Association of Business Administrators® is also a registered mark with the US Government Patent and Trade Mark office, and with the National Certification Commission, USA.

Chartered Human Resources Consultant, CHRC

Chartered Compensation & Benefits Professional, CCBP

Chartered Business Administrator, CBA

Chartered Project Management Consultant, CPMC

Chartered Marketing Consultant, CMC